How can I calibrate the tension on my Cooper?

Begin by raising the Cooper to its maximum height using the release lever on the right side of the work surface.

  • If you’re carrying more than 6,5 kg on Cooper, turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise with the provided hex wrench toward the (+). This will make the Cooper easier to raise and lower.
  • If you’re carrying less than 6,5 kg on Cooper, turn the adjustment screw clockwise toward the (-) until movement becomes easier.

We recommend turning the adjustment screw one full rotation in the required direction, and then testing the Cooper through its full range of motion. If you need more or less tension, raise it back to its maximum height and try another turn.

The Cooper should raise and lower using just one hand in a smooth and controlled manner. If it lowers too freely, increase the tension one turn and test again.

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