Something is missing from my order.

Is it an entire parcel? It may still be on the way. 

  • When your order contains multiple items, we’ll generally ship those items as they become available. When either the frame or the desktop from your order is out of stock, we will put your entire order on hold until both are available. For back-ordered accessories, we would ship these in a second shipment whenever these are available! 
  • While we ship all in-stock items together, orders can get split up in transit. If you only received part of your order, we advise to follow up on the shipping confirmation email(s) you’ve received to view tracking for your other parcel(s). Individual tracking links per parcel can be found under the details of your tracking information on the website of our shipping partner.

Are you missing parts or hardware? 

  • Check your order confirmation email, shipping confirmation e-mail and tracking link to make sure everything has either shipped or arrived, especially if what’s missing is part of your desk frame. Small accessories (including white grommet covers and UK power cords) are usually packaged together in a separate box.
  • If you ordered your desktop from us, the screws you need to attach the desktop to the frame can be found in the desktop box. Sometimes these screws get lost in the plastic wrap or may still be taped to the inside of the cardboard packaging.

If you're confident that there's indeed hardware missing from your order, we truly apologise. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can assist as soon as possible.

Tracking says my package was delivered but I haven’t received it.

Our shipping partner may have delivered to an alternate entrance, building lobby, or to a neighbour by mistake. We recommend checking these places to rule this out as a possibility.

It’s also possible that your order is still on the way but was mistakenly scanned as delivered. In these cases, the order usually arrives within the next 5 business days.

If your order hasn’t arrived in full after 5 business days of being marked delivered, please contact us.

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