My Jarvis Monitor Arm wobbles where the monitor connects to the arm.

Any adjustable monitor arm will have a little more movement than a fixed-height one. If it seems excessive, especially where the monitor attaches to the arm, there are steps you can take to make yours as stable as possible. 

  • First, check that the two silver screws in the black tab of the VESA plate are secure. If they seem loose, tighten them.



  • Next, try adding more tension on the arm by turning the tension adjustment bolt toward the plus (+) sign to add more weight. See Step 5 in the Assembly Instructions for details. 
  • If the tension bolt turns normally but doesn’t seem to increase the tension, use the included hex key to rotate the monitor weight calibration bolt toward the plus sign (+). Heavier monitors may require 20 full rotations.
  • We can send you a small pad that you can wedge into the gap where the clip inserts into the arm. If you’d rather not wait, you can also try using a small piece of cardboard (about the size of a folded business card).
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