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Are prices including VAT on the site?

Yes. We actually show both including and excluding VAT prices. Based on your shipping address, your VAT rate will be updated at checkout.


I'm an individual (not buying for a company). What VAT will I be charged?

We will charge the appropriate VAT based on your shipping address. We show VAT-including prices for the most commonly used VAT rates. For example, on our French website, we show prices including the French VAT rate of 20%. On our German website, we show the German VAT rate of 19%. The price at check-out will reflect the VAT rate of your shipping country.


How do you handle company purchases to exclude VAT?

If you have a valid EU VAT number, simply enter it on the checkout page and proceed to the payment page. This will check if you entered a valid EU VAT number. You may want to double check the format of your VAT number to minimise the chance that there will be an issue with it. The database used to verify if a VAT number is valid, is the EU VIES database.

(Belgian VAT numbers will not exempt VAT from our website as our operations are located in Belgium.)

If there is any concern regarding your VAT exemption, please contact our customer service team via the following form

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, we send invoices within 2-5 business days of your payment. If a VAT exemption was applied on your order, the information you provided at checkout will show on your invoice.


What if I'm in a country/area that is not part of the EU?

If your shipping address is within one of the countries on our shipping list, we charge VAT or include export arrangements. 

For export countries/areas like Switzerland, we ship Delivered at Place (DAP), meaning that we do not cover import costs or other tariffs at this time. For UK customers, other rules are applied.


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