My Remi is stuck. How do I reset it?

Before you begin, make sure there is nothing under your desk. If your desk becomes uneven at any point, discontinue and contact us.

Step 1: Full Reset 

  1. Unplug the desk from power.
  2. Disconnect all cable connections on the underside of your desk. There are a total of four cables to unplug from the control box. The power cable and the handset switch each have one connection spot, and each of the leg cables has up to two spots where they're connected depending upon whether or not it’s connected to an extension cable.
  3. Once everything's unplugged, plug it back in, this time in reverse order, making sure all the connections are firmly seated.
  4. Attempt (or re-attempt) the basic reset.

Step 2: Basic Reset 

  1. Hold the DOWN button until the desk lowers to its lowest point and stops. Release.
  2. Press and hold the DOWN button again until you see RST (looks like ASR) on the screen. Release.
  3. Press and hold the DOWN button one more time until your desk dips down slightly and then pops back up (if it doesn't move after 10 seconds you may have to press and hold it again). 
  4. If your handset now displays the desk height, you should be good to go.
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