How do I clean and maintain my desktop?

Warm water with a small amount of mild dish detergent is best for cleaning most Fully desktops including: Laminate, Natural and Dark Bamboo, Wood Veneer, and Hardwood.

Dry with a clean, non-abrasive cloth and avoid using harsh cleaners, detergents, or bleach as these can damage the finish. 

For Hardwood or Wood Veneer desktops, we recommend the following additional care tips: 

  • Using a coaster for hot and cold beverages
  • Use a mouse and avoid writing directly onto the surface
  • Avoid letting water or other fluids puddle on the surface; wipe up spills quickly
  • Avoid long-term sun exposure to prevent fading
  • Don’t use abrasive cloths or sponges
  • Don’t use furniture polish, waxes, or oils 

The Jarvis Whiteboard desktop should be cleaned in the same way as any other dry erase product, but may require a whiteboard specific cleaner if the dry erase marker has been left on the surface for a long period of time. We recommend Expo markers and erasers.

The Designer Ply desktop should also be treated with special care: 

  • Protect from heat, moisture and sharp objects
  • If using an adhesive remover like GooGone, rinse and dry immediately afterwards

Warm water and mild detergent is the safest cleaning solution for Designer Ply. If you need something a little more heavy duty, the manufacturer recommends the following: 

  • Greenworks by Clorox
  • Antibac Multi Surface by Method
  • All Purpose Cleaner by Ecos
  • Botanical Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner by CleanWell
  • All Purpose Cleaner by Zep 
  • Multi Surface Cleaner by Pledge 
  • All Purpose Cleaner by Simple Green 
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner by Mr. Clean
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