How do I use the Jarvis programmable memory handset?

To begin, access the menu by holding down M for 3 seconds until “Lock/Unlock desk” appears on the screen. You can then use ▲ or ▼ to navigate through the menu. Pressing “1” selects the feature you want to change and also confirms your selection. Pressing “4” takes you back to the main menu.

Lock/Unlock Jarvis

This prevents changes to the height by locking access to the menu settings. Unlock will restore access to these features. 

Max Height

This limits how high your Jarvis can go. Simply raise Jarvis to the desired maximum height and navigate to “Max height” on the menu, then press “1” to confirm.

Minimum height

This limits how low your Jarvis can go. Move Jarvis to the desired minimum height, navigate to “Min height” on the menu, then press “1” to confirm.


Prefer to work in centimeters instead of inches? Choose the unit of measurement you’d like under the “Units” menu option.


To help prevent damage, Jarvis is outfitted with an accelerometer that stops it if it runs into something. You can customize the sensitivity with the anti-collision options.

Screen Brightness

Adjust the screen brightness on your memory handset to the level that suits you.

Button brightness

You can also adjust the button brightness on your memory handset. Choose from three brightness levels to help you most easily navigate through your presets and menu options.

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