My Jarvis is stuck. How do I reset it?

For best results, try both the full and basic Jarvis reset procedures if your desk is unresponsive. 

Reset Procedure for Jarvis with touchscreen handset

Step 1. Make sure there is nothing under your desk. If your desk becomes uneven at any point, discontinue and contact us right away.  

Step 2: Identify your Jarvis model. If you purchased yours after November 2019, make sure you’re using the 90-degree extension cable in the M1 port on the control box. If you’re not using it or don’t have it, let us know so we can send you one.

Step 3: Perform the full reset. These steps are the same regardless of your desk model.  

  1. Unplug the desk from power.
  2. Disconnect all four cable connections from the control box: the power cable, handset cable, and both leg cables (from the M1 and M2 ports). 
  3. Plug each cable back into the control box in reverse order, ensuring all connections are firmly seated.
  4. Move onto Step 4. 

Step 4: Perform the basic reset. These steps vary depending on your handset.

Follow the steps that match your Jarvis handset. 


  1. Press and hold the pad of your finger on the Fully logo for 15 seconds making sure not to make contact with the underside of the toggle. Release.
  2. Repeat Step 1 three times in a row, or until the desk begins to travel downward to its lowest point and then stops. Release.
  3. Press and hold your finger down one final time until your desk dips down and then pops back up. Release.
  4. Now touch and hold your finger on the underside of the toggle. The reset is complete.


  1. Hold the DOWN button until the desk lowers to its lowest point and stops. Release.
  2. Press and hold the DOWN button again until you see RST (looks like ASR) on the screen. Release.
  3. Press and hold the DOWN button one more time until your desk dips down slightly and then pops back up (if it doesn't move after 10 seconds you may have to press and hold it again). 
  4. You should now see the height displayed on the screen. The reset is complete.


  1. Press and hold the ▼ icon until your desk reaches its lowest position. Release.
  2. Press and hold the ▼ icon until the display reads RESET.
  3. Press and hold the ▼ icon again, until your desk lowers slightly then pops back up a bit. The reset is complete. 

If your desk still won’t respond or function properly, please contact us so we can help further.

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