Jarvis Monitor Arm troubleshooting

The Jarvis Monitor Arm is designed to accommodate a wide variety of monitors. If your monitor is compatible but the arm isn't working as expected, you can most likely resolve the issue with a few minor adjustments using the included hex key.

If you're experiencing an issue with your Jarvis Monitor Arm that isn't described here, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll help make it right. 

  1. Monitor droops even though it's within size/weight limit
  2. Difficulty adjusting the arm tension
  3. Wobbling monitor
  4. Laptop tray leans to one side
  5. Stiff joints

1. Monitor droops even though it's within size/weight limit

Increase the tension by turning the tension adjustment bolt toward the plus (+) sign. To make this adjustment successfully, bend the top section of the arm all the way in.


  2. Difficulty adjusting the arm tension

    • The tension bolt is tight on purpose to support the monitor weight and may be stiff the first time you adjust it. 
    • Before you attempt to adjust the bolt, install a monitor onto the arm then use the monitor itself to move the joint up and down a few times. 
    • Use a hex key with a longer handle to increase the amount of torque.
    • You can also increase the amount of torque by placing the hex key into the middle of a book (whose appearance you do not care about), then gripping the book tightly around the hex key handle while turning. Check out our video on YouTube for a demonstration. 

 3. Wobbling monitor

Any adjustable monitor arm will experience more movement than a fixed-height one. If it seems excessive, especially where the monitor attaches to the arm, there are steps you can take to minimize this movement. 


      1. Check that the two silver screws in the black tab of the VESA plate are secure. If they seem loose, tighten them.
      2. Increase the arm tension by turning the tension adjustment bolt toward the plus (+) sign to add more weight. See Step 5 in the Assembly Instructions for details. 
        • If the tension bolt turns normally but doesn’t seem to increase the tension, use the included hex key to rotate the monitor weight calibration bolt toward the plus sign (+).
        • Heavier monitors may require 20 full rotations.
      3. If this doesn't effectively reduce the transfer of motion, use a small piece of cardboard (approximately the size of a folded business card) and wedge into the gap between the clip and the arm.

 4. Laptop tray leans to one side

If your laptop tray tilts too much to the right or left, or won’t stay level when your laptop is on the tray: 

      1. Remove the laptop from the tray.
      2. Grab the tray with both hands (like a steering wheel) and pivot it so it's entirely vertical.
      3. Adjust any tilt by grabbing it with both hands and pivoting it so it's perfectly straight up-and-down.
      4. Tilt the top edge back so that it's at an angle that will support your laptop.

 5. Stiff joints

    • It's normal for the Jarvis Monitor Arm to feel a little stiff out of the box. Simply install the monitor arm and try it out for a few days. This issue often resolves itself with regular use.
    • If it's especially stubborn, manually work the joint back and forth to loosen it up once it's securely attached to the desk.


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