My payment isn't going through.

A payment method may decline at checkout for a number of reasons. 

Before contacting your card issuer, verify that the billing address you've entered (including the zip code) matches what's on file with your financial institution. If you've moved recently or your shipping address is different than your billing address, this could be the culprit. 

If you've confirmed that your address is correct and there are sufficient funds in your account for the transaction, your card issuer can usually provide more information regarding the reason for the decline and help resolve the issue. 

Once you’ve resolved the issue with your bank, please try once more after clearing your browser data.

Note: If you see a pending charge on your card but the order didn’t go through, you will not be charged. We only collect funds when the payment for an order completes successfully. It’s common for failed transactions to appear as pending charges (also known as authorization holds), but these are temporary and will disappear according to your bank’s policy. 


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