How do I attach the control box to my desktop?

For Jarvis desktops 30” to 42” wide

You’ll be using the desktop machine screws that came with your desktop to attach the control box. 

If the oval and circular screw holes on your control box seem too narrow for the bolts, try these steps: 

  • Thread the screws through both the oval and circular hole before attempting to attach the control box to your desktop.
  • Hold the control box as firmly as possible while threading the screw through the opening using either a manual or battery-powered screwdriver. It may help if you lean into the screwdriver and push with additional downward force while inserting the screw.
  • The screw will "carve out" the thread to displace some of the extra plastic that’s keeping it from going in smoothly. 
  • Once you've widened the screw hole, withdraw the screw and then try attaching the control box to the desktop as normal.

If the machine screws seem too short or won't thread into the metal inserts, your metal inserts may be too deeply recessed.

  • For a quick fix, take a 6mm hex key (for Bamboo desktops) and "back out" the inserts until they are flush with the surface of the desktop. Your machine screws should then be able to catch the thread easily. 

If your Jarvis is 48” or wider 

Attach the control box by sliding it onto the capture plate located on one of your frame ends. If you're having trouble, check the tab on the capture plate to see if it's bent. If so, bend it back into place so that the pieces are flush with one another.

For best results, use an appropriate amount of downward force as you're pushing the control box onto the capture plate. 

If you're still having issues and are open to a different solution, the control box can also be attached to the underside of the desktop using the included M5x16 wood screws.

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