My Jarvis or Remi desk seems unstable.

Every two-legged desk is going to experience some amount of movement, which may seem amplified if you’re transitioning from a fixed-height desk with four legs. 

If you’re concerned about the amount of movement you’re experiencing, you can run through some troubleshooting to ensure that it’s properly assembled: 

  • Check to see if the leveling glides (discs under the feet) are unevenly adjusted. If they’re a little off, you can rotate them to change their length.
  • Check that the frame screws are properly tightened. 
  • For the Jarvis, check that the center rails are properly aligned and secured by the frame screws as per Step 9 of the Assembly Instructions. 
  • For the Remi, make sure all screws are tightened per the Assembly Instructions Steps 1-5
  • Consider the desk height relative to its weight load. If the desk is kept at a very tall height, has an unusually large or heavy tabletop, or is holding a lot of weight on the tabletop, this may increase the amount of movement.
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