Something is missing from my order.

Is it an entire shipment? It may still be on the way. 

  • When your order contains multiple items, these generally ship as they become available. Some items may ship sooner than others or may come from another fulfillment center.
  • If you’re missing tracking numbers for some items, don’t worry. You can expect to receive all tracking numbers for in-stock items within 5 business days of placing your order. 
  • If you only received part of your desk frame, check the shipping confirmation email(s) you’ve received to view tracking for your other shipment(s).

Are you missing parts or hardware? 

  • Check your order confirmation email and tracking links to make sure everything has either shipped or arrived, especially if part of your desk frame is missing.
  • If you ordered your desktop from us, the screws needed to attach the desktop to the frame can be found in the desktop box.
  • Sometimes these screws get lost in the plastic wrap or may still be taped to the inside of the cardboard packaging.

If you are missing hardware, part(s), or entire shipment(s), please contact us.

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