Do Jarvis or Remi desktops come with predrilled holes?

The Jarvis desktops are attached to the frame using machine screws and pre-installed metal inserts. We recommend using a manual screwdriver for this step as a power drill may strip the inserts or damage the desktop machine screws. Pilot holes for wood screws are provided for the handset assembly. 

The Remi desktops come with pre-drilled holes without metal inserts. You’ll use wood screws to attach the desktop to the frame and the handset to the desktop. 

To install accessories on Remi and Jarvis desks, you'll need to drill into the desktop directly using the included wood screws. We’ve done rigorous testing to ensure this will not damage the desk or cause any issues to the structural integrity. 

  1. Mark the precise hole placement for where you wish to install the product.
  2. Use a 1/8” drill bit. With a power drill/hand-powered drill, create your pilot holes. 
  3. You can then use the provided hardware to attach the accessory. 

Pro-Tip: Mark off the thickness of your desktop on the drill bit with tape or a marker to avoid accidentally drilling through your desktop.

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