Where's the hardware for my Jarvis or Remi?

Jarvis Hardware

Before assembling, make sure you've located all the hardware: 

  • 12 wood screws
  • 12 medium machine screws (hex head)
  • 8 small machine screws (hex head)
  • 9 washers
  • 2 medium set screws
  • Package of cable clips, rubber grommets, and hex keys

Where your hardware is located 

The hardware kit pictured below is located in Jarvis Frame Box 2:


The desktop box includes its own set of screws to attach it to the frame. 

  • Tip: The desktop screws may be taped to the inside of the box or loose inside the packaging. If you seem to be missing the screws used to attach the feet to the legs, it’s likely that the desktop screws are either missing or still in the box. 

Remi Hardware

The Remi frame includes small and medium machine screws for the frame assembly, and wood screws to attach the desktop. Your hardware packet may be taped to the inside of the box or may be loose inside the packaging.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included:

  • 8 medium machine screws (hex)
  • 8 small countersunk screws
  • 14 wood screws (Phillips)
  • 10 washers
  • 4 pre-installed set screws
  • Hex wrench

If you’ve thoroughly searched Frame Box 2 and/or your desktop box and are still missing hardware, please contact us for assistance.

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