My Jarvis is making an unusual sound when I raise or lower the desk.

Your desk may produce an unusual sound or vibration if one of the legs is out of alignment. It doesn’t usually indicate any serious problems and can be fixed with the steps outlined below: 

  1. Determine which leg the noise is coming from, or if it’s both legs.
  2. Raise the desk all the way up.
  3. Lift the desk slightly by one leg and side bracket to eliminate the downward force on one leg.
  4. Pull the foot of that leg out towards you.
  5. Set the desk down and run it up and down to check to see if the noise persists.

Pro tip: Place the heel of your foot inside the base of the leg, then pull it out by about an inch or two. If the noise gets worse, try it in the other direction. 

You can also try wiping off any streaks of grease on the leg segments. The excess grease can create friction which can also cause undesirable noise.

If the noise persists, please contact us so we can help further.

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