My Jarvis isn't rising or lowering smoothly.

The Jarvis Electronic Standing Desk features an anti-collision sensor that helps prevent damage to the desk or surrounding objects if it collides during movement. If your desk isn’t colliding with anything but is stopping intermittently or reversing directions, this can often be resolved with simple troubleshooting. 

First, check the underside of your desk. 

  1. Check for loose or dangling cables. Make sure no cables are being pulled taut when the desk is in motion.

  2. Make sure your control box is securely attached to your desktop as described in the assembly instructions. If you aren’t using the included screws or capture plate (on the Wide frame), your control box may not be properly secured. See also How do I attach the control box to my desktop?

  3. Ensure that your desk is on an even surface and that the lifting columns are parallel with one another.

  4. Reattempt raising your desk. 

Still stopping intermittently or reversing direction? Try realigning your lifting columns: 

  1. Raise the desk all the way up.

  2. Lift the desk slightly on one side by the side bracket (not the desktop) to eliminate the downward force on the leg. 

  3. Using your foot, pull the bottom of the lifting column out towards you and release.

  4. Set the desk back down on that side.

  5. Repeat on the opposite side of the desk.

Or reduce the sensitivity of your desk's anti-collision feature. See How do I adjust the anti-collision sensitivity on my Jarvis?

If this doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us so we can help further. 

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