Can I install the Jarvis Monitor Arm on a non-standard desktop?

The Jarvis Monitor Arm is compatible with desktops 0.4"- 3.5" thick. 

If your desktop has a “skirt” or “apron,” you may still be able to install it using the clamp (shown above). However, we recommend the skirt be at least 55mm deep so that the clamp has enough to hold onto. See a close-up of the clamp and its dimensions below:


If you have a Jarvis Evolve Desktop, there is an opening in the back where the monitor arm clamp can be installed (see below). 


If it doesn’t quite fit your desktop, you can also install it using the grommet-hole method. 

To view the complete instructions, including both mounting styles, check out the Jarvis Monitor Arm Assembly guide here.

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