Are the Jarvis and Remi desks stable?

We’re proud that our Jarvis and Remi desks are rated among the most stable height-adjustable desks on the market. 

If you’re used to a fixed-height desk with four legs, making the switch to a standing height desk may result in a short adjustment period. However, most users acclimate quickly and are impressed with how stable and solid the Jarvis or Remi feel, even at their tallest heights. 

During this adjustment period, you may notice a subtle amount of movement within the frame, especially when leaning on the front edge of the desktop. This can feel amplified at higher heights due to the lower center of gravity and the fact that it has only two points of stability rather than four. 

To give you extra peace of mind, we also offer a 30-day risk free trial. If you aren't satisfied with the desk for any reason, we offer 100% free returns to customers within the contiguous U.S.

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