The leg cable is stuck in the M1 port of my control box.

If you accidentally plugged the leg cable directly into the M1 port without the leg cable (with the 90-degree angle plug), you’ll need to remove it and insert the 90-degree angle plug for the desk to function properly. 


How to remove the leg cable

  1. Unplug your desk from power.
  2. Remove the leg cable's yellow plug from the M1 Port.
    • If it seems stuck, carefully wedge a butter knife or flat head screwdriver between the tab in the M1 socket and the yellow plug itself.
    • Make sure you are pressing on this tab and pulling on the cable at the same time. This will "unhook" the plug from the inside of the port.
  3. Once you have removed the yellow plug, make sure the white casing in the M1 port is still in tact.
    • If it pops out, carefully push it back into the exact orientation it was before.
    • If it didn't pop out, proceed to the next step.
  4. Insert the 90-degree plug of your leg cable into the M1 port.
    • Do not plug the leg cable in backwards.
    • The cable tail should run away from, and not back across, the center of the box.
  5. Remount the control box, plug all the leg cables in, and plug the power in last.
  6. Perform the reset procedure

If any of the components break during this or if your desk still isn't working correctly, please contact us. 


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