How do I use my own desktop with a Jarvis frame?

The Jarvis Standing Desk Frame is an outstanding choice if you’re interested in using a top with a different size, shape, or material. It can be configured in several different ways, depending on the width of your desktop and your preferred height range.

If your desktop is 24” to 27” deep and less than 47” wide, we recommend using the Narrow Jarvis Desk Frame (short foot). For positioning the short foot (YQ-140), the maximum distance from the front desktop edge to the first hole in the side bracket is 5.5”.


If your desktop is 27” to 30” deep and 48” to 82” wide, you’ll need the Wide Jarvis Frame (long foot). For positioning the long foot (YQ-141), the maximum distance from the front desktop edge to the first hole in the side bracket is 6.75”.


There’s no one right way to position your frame on your desktop, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Generally speaking, the desktop should be centered over the frame side-to-side, and positioned slightly forward of center (towards the user) front-to-back. 

Side-to-side position

In our experience, desks have better lateral stability the further apart the legs are. We position the screw holes for the Side Brackets 2 inches in from the sides of the desktop. This leaves about 1” of desktop overhang and maximizes lateral stability.

Placing the holes at least 2 inches in from the sides lowers the chance that your desktop will split during drilling. Depending on the rigidity and strength of your desktop material you can leave more of it overhanging the Side Brackets. For example, on our 78” tops the Side Bracket holes are 5” in from the edge with 4” of overhang.

Laying it out

The easiest way to position your own desktop on Jarvis is to partially assemble the frame and use it as a guide.

  1. Lay your desktop on a padded workspace with the underside facing up, and the front of the desktop towards you.
  2. Without the Lifting Columns, attach the Side Brackets to the Frame Ends as shown in steps 2 and 3, on pages 4 and 5.
  3. Slide the Center Rails into the Frame Ends.
  4. Position the frame assembly on the underside of your desktop, with the screw holes in the Side Brackets 2” or more from the side edges of the top, and the front-most hole appropriate depth from the front (user facing) edge of the top.
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